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We design suitable solutions to exploit in the best way the spaces of your home, optimize the space of your rooms and enhance your home.

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searching for solutions

Our custom-made furniture they are all of the highest quality, albeit with great attention to contain costs.

indications of estimate

In order to have a rough indication before the start of the design phase and renovating your home.

home visit

In this way we understand better potential and limits of your home, to make the most of the space.

enhancement of spaces

Thanks to a smart design work and careful choice of furnishings.

visit in the showroom

Where it is possible to test
our furniture by hand made to measure and multifunction.

solutions in a single piece of furniture

Furnishings and complements customized and multifunctional space-saving suitable for any need.

The whole showroom
at your complete disposal

Not only kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, but also upholsteries
and lighting sistems: we can offer you an excellent service which satisfies your tastes and makes you save money.


For everything you need to appraise your home, choose Clever Home Arredi. You will obtain personalised, convenient and really economical solutions, in order to make your home more and more confortable, personal and… really yours.


You can find us in Serocca D’Agno, via Mulino Della Bolla.


To renovate your home, contact our group of architects who will find the right solution to enhance every corner of your home. Clever Home Arredi's staff will offer you professional advice, listen to your space needs and study ad hoc interior projects for your rooms. You can give a new look to the spaces that belong to you and you can fully experience them as you have always dreamed of.


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Our brands


4×4 Table by Ozzio

The OZZIO 4 × 4 table is the innovative extendable and extendable dining table that features an exclusive and patented diagonal opening system. The dimensions of the 4 × 4

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Serocca d’Agno, 6982 | Svizzera
+41 91 600 20 20

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